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The Difference Between Stucco Repair and Stucco Remediation

A damaged stucco is not something you want in your house. While it may look bad, there are several other challenges that occur with it like leakage, energy inefficiency, rain damage, and more. Therefore, you need to look for stucco contractors Burlington who can help you with fixing it.

However, you must decide whether you need stucco repair or remediation. By knowing the difference between both repair and remediation, you can better understand if stucco repair Burlington is good for your house or it needs remediation.

If you’re stuck in deciding whether you need repair or remediation, this article will assist you by providing the right guidance. By making this decision, you will be able to hire stucco contractors and get a perfect estimate for the work.

What is Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair is a surface procedure that involves a stucco professional fixing the part with the damaged stucco. It is a quick fix to the stucco issue as there is no treatment for the underlying problem of the damage, The broken stucco is replaced with new stucco and given a good finish so that it matches with the existing stucco placement.

Stucco contractors Burlington fix the damaged stucco but do not undertake treating what caused the damage. You can say that it is a temporary fix, which doesn’t involve too much effort. However, the contractors need to be careful because it could lead to damaging the foundation of the house if the procedure is not proper.

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What is Stucco Remediation?

On the other hand, remediation is more of a long-term procedure that involves identifying the underlying cause of the damage. While stucco repair Burlington involved replacing old stucco with the new one, remediation is the process of correcting the damage and fixing the entire stucco system. The new one will be defect-free and doesn’t cause much harm to the foundation of the building.

However, stucco remediation can be costlier than repair. Since it is a long-term, one-time solution, most homeowners opt for remediation by stucco contractors. The biggest advantage is that it strengthens the stucco and reduces the chances of future fixes.

What should you choose?

It entirely depends on the damage and your budget. Stucco damage can take place due to a variety of reasons. If you notice that there is a minor bulging or crack in the stucco, then you can hire stucco contractors Burlington to fix the issue. It is less expensive as it is a quick fix to the stucco problem.

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Stucco remediation is an expensive but long-term treatment. Leakages can be a sign of a damaged stucco. In such a situation, remediation is the best option as the problem goes back to the foundation. Repairing your stucco often over a period of time will cost you more and also weaken the stucco system.

Whatever you decide, the best practice is to hire professional stucco contractors who can first analyze the property and then suggest the right path you should take. They will assist you in making the right decision as they have enough experience to determine whether you need a repair or remediation.

The Difference Between Stucco Repair and Stucco Remediation

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