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When to Schedule Chimney Cleaning

I know many love winter because it’s the perfect time to cuddle under a blanket, with a cozy mystery book in hand and a hot cup of tea near a nice fireplace. Or if you are not a winter person you would at least love to sit by the fireplace and watch the falling snow. Fireplaces are an essential amenity if you live in colder countries and it is very important to perform chimney cleaning in Mississauga once a year to work efficiently during winter.

As the weather begins to warm, people tend to neglect their fireplaces and fail to provide proper care and maintenance. Most homeowners use their fireplaces during the winter and fall when the weather is freezing. To avoid accidents like chimney fires, assure safe operation, and ensure a long lifespan, our fireplace and chimney should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by professional chimney cleaners in Mississauga.

When should you schedule your chimney cleaning in Mississauga? Also, what is the best time to clean chimneys? Is it advisable to hiring a professional for chimney cleaning? Professionals from Best-Stucco, the top-rated chimney cleaners in Mississauga, answer all the queries here.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning?

According to the professional and seasoned chimney cleaners in Mississauga, the most ideal time for chimney cleaning is in the spring and summer. For your next chimney cleaning service, make sure you plan ahead so that you don’t miss the trick. Contact us at Best-Stucco for professional and reliable services.

Chimney cleaning during the summer season

You might be surprised to learn that summer is the best time to clean chimneys before the lengthy, chilly months start. Typically, individuals put off cleaning their chimneys until the fall. The last thought on people’s minds once the winter season peaks are chimneys. Due to this, there is a significant demand for chimney maintenance starting in late September and continuing through December.

Even well-established chimney cleaning companies find it challenging to reply to client questions and complaints as the demand rises quickly. As we continue to put off getting our chimney cleaned, there is a good likelihood that we may experience a delay of 1-2 months. Additionally, the time increases if we need to do any other repairs except routine maintenance.

Benefits of chimney cleaning

The homeowners who do arrange for cleaning and inspections during summer can expect service within a week. Chimney cleaning businesses can rapidly clean, inspect, and repair your fireplace and chimney even when fireplace season is still months away. Hiring a professional for chimney cleaning is a smart way to get the job done.

Chimney cleaning during the spring season

The spring is also a great time to clean your chimney. For homeowners, trying to get their chimneys cleaned in the fall can be exceedingly inconvenient. Most chimney cleaning businesses will be busiest in the fall if you wait. Compared to spring, when the schedule is considerably more flexible, you are more likely to have to wait during this season for chimney service. By being proactive and making a chimney cleaning appointment in the off-season, professionals may evaluate your chimney earlier, giving you plenty of time to make any necessary chimney repairs.

chimney repair services

Advantages of cleaning during Spring

You should also have a chimney inspection performed at the time of cleaning to ensure that your chimney is in good functioning condition. This is yet an additional reason to clean your chimney in the spring. You might as well postpone scheduling your chimney inspection until after the bad weather has passed. This is because winter tends to cause far more damage to chimneys than the other seasons.

You can avoid the rush and make sure there are no safety issues before the weather changes and you need to utilize the chimney. Any fire appliance that employs a chimney and fuel, including gas and wood fireplaces, needs annual maintenance to minimize the greatest dangers.

Ways to maintain your chimney throughout the year

A few chimney maintenance tips will help you make sure your fireplace and chimney are well-maintained and work properly. It includes the following:

  • Have a functional fireplace damper
  • Make sure your chimney is waterproof
  • Know when to have your chimney swept
  • Gas log fireplaces are better for your chimney than wood-burning ones
  • Make sure your mortar joints and bricks aren’t deteriorating

Hiring the best professionals for chimney cleaning

Professionals can make the difference between a potentially dangerous fire hazard and know for certain there are no risks. Only a qualified, trained chimney professional can clean your chimney, according to professional chimney cleaners in Mississauga, hearth associations, and fire protection agencies. Certified Chimney Professionals (CCPs) and other chimney sweeps use chimney sweeping rods, brushes, whips, chains, vacuums, and special cleaning compounds to get rid of creosote and soot from chimney flues.

To reduce the chance of having a chimney fire, creosote, a combustible substance that accumulates in fireplaces, needs to be cleaned regularly. Creosote cannot accumulate before the fall because you don’t use the fireplace during the summer. If a chimney is not in use, it will remain spotless for six months after you last cleaned it.

For Inquiries and Help

Best-Stucco Contractors is here to help you with your chimney cleaning in Mississauga. To know more contact us here or just dial 647-505-4281.


The fall and winter months are in high demand for chimney sweeps. Spring and summer are the best times to get your chimney cleaned. You can choose a time that works for you, gain maximum efficiency, and even receive a discount.

When to Schedule Chimney Cleaning

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