Thin Stone Veneer

Stone Veneers are a layer of bricks or stones that do not aid in the structural capability of the wall. However, they contain an air cavity behind them to help in keeping the basic structural construction of a wall untarnished. These veneers, either full or a thin stone veneer, offer a lot of benefits aesthetically as well as practically to the house. These stone veneers act as thermal insulators that keep the place warm. The air cavity acts as a drainage system making sure the water is drained outside rather than inside the house, through the weep holes. Apart from that, they offer stunning aesthetics to the walls.

Given the number of benefits that each has to offer, it is important that home renovators have a clear idea of what they are getting into. In this article here, we evaluate full as well as thin stone veneer installation. Our service area includes Brampton, Caledon, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Milton, Toronto & GTA

Thin Stone Veneer vs Full Stone Veneer

Thin Stone Veneers


Design Considerations for Stone Masonry Veneers

Thin stone veneers are a relatively newer concept, with their widespread installations gaining traction a little more than a decade ago. These thin stone veneer installation are generally used in places that are harder to reach with the use of thick stone, or in those areas where it is not structurally sound to install such heavy stonework.

Since they also cut from slabs of stone, the users are free to choose what material they would like on their walls. However, because of the craftwork that is required in slicing the slabs, stone veneer installation can cost significantly higher than full stone veneers.

However, that being said, these veneers do not require the structural soundness that full stone veneers require. For that purpose, it becomes to install them anywhere. Besides, these stones are generally cut in a way that gives off the illusion of fullness.

Because of the reduced weight, height considerations on these veneers can be more lenient too. The common perception is regarding the penetration of natural elements since these are flimsy. However, with proper care regarding the filling-in of cracks, galvanizing, etc., it is easy to make this a worthwhile project.


stone-veneer-claddingThese veneers are generally about 4 cm thick. Because of that, they create stronger facade. This creates the faux look of complete stone construction. Therefore, this has the benefit of aesthetics without practical or financial constraints. However, because of the fullness of the stone that’s cut, you have the option of bringing in textures of your choice. This means that instead of just a bland facade, you can have an intricately carved story there. However, the problem with this veneer is that it weighs in on the structural integrity of the wall behind it. Therefore, it is essential you consider that in your plans.

The fact that you can customize these interior/exterior stone cladding makes a strong case for them. Apart from that, the durability that these veneers offer against natural elements and eventual blemishes is not something that you can get out of lightweight veneer stone cladding. Because there is sufficient drain space behind them, you can be assured that this veneer will take the full brunt of ice, rain, thaw, wind or other disruptive elements. That way, whatever your wall is made of behind the veneer, it won’t be damaged so easily.

Our Service Areas: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Milton, Etobicoke, Toronto & GTA


The decision of full or thin stone veneer boils down to a few important points.

1. Is the project located in an area with a lot of impact by rain, ice, snow, sleet, etc.?
2. How structurally sound is the base facade?
3. Are there height considerations?
4. What is the budget limits
5. How much of outside help will be involved in this project?

Answering these questions is the key to determining what sort of veneer your house needs.

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Thin Stone Veneer Installation