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Exteriors Stucco: Pros and Cons

If you are building a house or revamping the inside, chances are you will be recommended stucco at some point or the other. Stucco is a versatile material that is often used for coating walls, making sculptures, and making decorative architecture. It is a cement based product that looks a lot like plaster.

The Pros and Cons of a Stucco Exterior

Despite stucco being widely used around the world, using Stucco has its share of pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Stucco first:

1. Stunning appearance

Expect a smooth and seamless with exterior Stucco finishing. The sliding touch of the product adds great aesthetics to any building and amplifies its visibility. It can even be mixed with different colors to obtain the exact look you want. The material is versatile and can be molded into shapes and designs leading to innovative external architecture. Further thin stone veneer finishing adds a smooth glossy touch.

2. Increased Insulation

Stucco is made of sand, cement, silica, and lime, all of which are great insulating materials. When this is applied to the exterior of a house, it helps keep it cool in the summer and warm during the winters. As a result, there is a reduced dependency on air coolers and heating systems.

3. Enhanced Durability

Stucco is a very strong product and can last for many years. Sometimes it is applied over a mesh of metal wires to help it stick better to the surface. This further strengthens the hold and enhances the longevity of the structure it is applied on. Lightweight veneer stone cladding and thin stone veneer installation are some great add-ons as well.

4. Easy and Quick to Install

Stucco is relatively easier to use than brick veneer. You can mix stucco externally and bring it to the right consistency. This mixture can be applied immediately and is strong and durable. It also protects buildings from moisture and dust.

While it is an amazing product and a great alternative for traditional cement and plaster finishing, it also has a few shortcomings:

1. More Expensive — Stucco is more expensive than it’s brick veneer, plain plaster, and cement counterparts. A complete exterior stucco lasts for several years, but the initial amount required to set it up can be a big investment.

2. Not Invincible — While strong and durable, stucco is not very flexible. In fact, if there are frequent earthquakes or constant moisture surrounding it, the stucco can develop cracks. The brittleness of stucco puts it at a great disadvantage to using in areas with humid climate and unsteady landscapes.

3. Repairing is Difficult — Any errors in the installation process can compound into expensive problems in the future. Small cracks caused by water seepage or moisture may get enlarged if ignored and require costly repairs. In order to change the colors of stucco walls, it is necessary to scrape off the previous stucco or sandblast it before applying a new coat. If this is not done, cracks may appear on the surface.

Can stucco be applied in cold weather?

If you’re considering stucco, this patch may need you speculative if stucco is capable of standing up to 10 degrees (and a lot of colder!) weather, and ice storms, blizzards, and more. Thankfully, stucco is extremely weather resistant, creating it a decent selection for each heat and cold climates. In order that you’ll be able to be a lot of informed, we’ve compiled some reasons why stucco is sweet for or maybe ideal solution for homes that are exposed to loads of weather condition, and things to appear for once selecting a contractor for your home’s stucco job.

Stucco Exterior Cost

Although stucco requires a larger one-time investment, it is a great product to use on exteriors for getting a smooth finish. In areas with relatively dry and stable conditions, repair requirements may be minimum and a stucco exterior can easily break even on its initial expenditure.

At Best-Stucco home solutions, we provide complete and attractive solutions to exteriors. Our special expertise in stucco and stone ensures a premium quality exterior solution for your home or building. If you are looking for an enticing and long-lasting alternative to expensive natural stones, we are the right place for you. Contact us to avail the best stucco services near me.

Exteriors Stucco: Pros and Cons

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