It’s truly said that you should not only look at the beauty of the building but also the foundation of the construction which will stand the test of time. For concrete to stand the test of time, hire our concrete work contractor Simcoe County. Be it deck, walkway, driveway, parking lot- any type of concrete construction, repairing, and levelling is done to perfection.

Stamped & Custom Concrete Repair & levelling in Simcoe County

Amidst all our services you must have the one you need. We provide mainly two types of concrete services:

concrete repair Simcoe County1. Residential concrete services: For concrete construction in Simcoe County our contractors do foundational repairs, cultured stone, brickwork among others. Need to make a garage or pet house with a concrete slab? Or a patio connected with the main entrance by a concrete pathway? Look no further, our services include decorative and polished concrete floors or pavers. For design purposes, we use man-made cultured stones in various shapes, colours, and sizes to install in sidewalks, patios, and walls. For concrete repair in Simcoe County join hands with us to fix cracks on walls and ceilings.

2. Commercial concrete services: For commercial or industrial spaces we do foundations, retaining walls, sidewalks, ceilings, floors. We do public property services such as road construction, concrete removal, asphalt maintenance services. To design commercial or public property with limestone or marble granite installation, you need reliable experts of ours to prepare a strong base first.

Types of Specialized Concrete Work We Do

● We do stamped concrete textures like stone or brick layouts to give your patio, deck, or pathways a high-end and yet rustic look.

● We do levelling or stamped concrete in matted or textured finishes and in various colors for pool sides for slip-resistances, sun reflectivity, and architectural orientation that suits any budget and lifestyle.

● Outdoor patio, kitchens, counters are done in decorative finishes and colors or with cultured stones to turn the heads of many.

● Gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, cabanas, fireplaces, fire fits are done in various textures, designs, colors, and decorative finishes.

● For a facelift, we use textures, patterned overlays, and sealants on your existing walls, floors, and other places.

● Stained or coloured concrete services for walls, patios, floors, kitchens can add quintessential elements to your home.

● Our high-shine polished concrete service for walls, floors, ceilings, counters, etc can give marble or tiled surfaces a run for their money in terms of style, durability, and affordability.

Expert Concrete Advice Solution with Quality Workmanship

concrete worksOur contractors make a concrete foundation that is environment-friendly, durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. For concrete repair and concrete levelling or constructing a commercial or residential building from scratch, keep faith in our designers to bring the best out of in and around your property.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Custom service: We not only walk the talk but talk the talk. For concrete repair, construction, and levelling, our concrete contractor will walk you through the concrete mixing process, delivery, and pouring process. We are thorough in our communication about the timeline and overall cost, and make sure the work is done within the stipulated time and cost.

Licensed & certified: We have our certificate from the Ontario regulatory authority to do concrete services. All our licenses are up-to-date to stay prevalent in the construction industry and maintain safety standards.

Experience: In the construction industry experience is indispensable. Our contractors have decades of experience and knowledge to know proper design structure for proper layout and levelling so that no cracks are there in concrete slabs to make the commercial or residential building last lifelong.

Good customer review: Thousands of customer testimonials prove that Best Stucco Construction is the best service provider for concrete construction in Simcoe County. You can count on us for our credibility and reputation in the business.

Quality of raw materials: We ensure that only quality raw materials are used to construct, repair level pavement, patio, sidewalk, driveway, etc. Our principles of honesty and integrity bound us to use the best quality ingredients in your budget to ensure longevity to the construction.

Competency & flexibility: Keeping in mind the contingency factors such as heavy rain, snowfall, and other unpredictable weather, our experienced contractors will hatch a plan to ensure that the project is completed on time while tackling any issues coming on the way.

Price estimation: We provide quality concrete construction service for your facility at competitive rates. We will give you an estimate devoid of any hidden costs only after analyzing the works needed to be in a particular project and staying true to that estimate.

We also provide chimney repair or stucco repair in Simcoe County. For more information, please call (647) 505 4281 or write us at

Concrete Repair Levelling Simcoe County